Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Can I Do? - April is National Animal Cruelty Prevention Month!

What Can I Do?

You’ve seen something that just doesn’t seem right….As a witness of cruelty and/or neglect YOU can be the voice for a dog who cannot speak for themselves. Cruelty and neglect towards animals is often unreported. So what can you do?

While laws vary by state, if you witness the inflicting of physical pain, suffering, emotional abuse, abandonment or death, you can report it.
If you witness neglect such as, lack of food, water, adequate shelter or veterinary care, you can report it.

In recent years, a strong connection has been documented linking domestic violence abuse and animal abuse. Animal abuse can often signal a lethal domestic situation and is one of the risk factors authorities use to determine whether a domestic violence situation is high risk. Reporting cruelty to animals may save the animal being abused as well as a human who is
at the mercy of the abuser!

Who Do I Contact?

Many times individuals do not know whom to contact or what constitutes cruelty. While local rescues may be able to provide phone numbers to take action, the rescues themselves typically do not have the authority to confiscate animals from the situation. Contacting local authorities such as humane agents or local law enforcement is the most efficient way to take action. Documenting calls and incidents may also prove to be useful.

The Humane Society of the United States provides more information:

The ASPCA also provides information:

Your action CAN make a difference!

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Hi--where did you get the pic of the emaciated red pit mix on this post? is it a dog in your rescue or one you found online?