Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank you Core Power Yoga!

On March 5, Core Power Yoga hosted a donation class to benefit Pit Bull Rescue Central. Lead by yogi and PBRC representative, Greta Glimm and prominent yoga instructor, Kristin Marie Breheim, the event raised over $700. Pictured is Harlow, a six month old Pit Bull being fostered by Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue, who greeted participates with love at the CorePower yoga studio front door.

Breheim’s mission is Karma yoga; making yoga approachable and accessible to everyone while helping out a great cause, specifically Pit Bulls. Breheim has two Pit Bulls; Ruby, a six year old American Pit Bull Terrier, saved from the South Side of Chicago and Obie, an adopted, two year old Pit Bull, Boxer, Corgi mix. For more information and other donation classes, see Breheim's website Look for next year's PBRC donation yoga class March, 2011!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I work with animal control in orangeburg s.c.. We get a lot of pit bulls and desperately want to get an organization that could take some so that they can be saved. If you can help call Ben at 803-534-0045 thank you. We have several now!

Kristin Marie Breheim #262.994.9486 group and personal yoga said...

Hi Ben, I will be happy to help out in anyway I can, I will call you tomorrow, Friday after 5pm :)