Friday, April 15, 2011

April is National Animal Cruelty Prevention Month!

All this month, PBRC will be sharing stories that highlight rescue, and advocates for our dogs. Some of these stories will be from PBRC volunteers, other articles will highlight rescues and organizations striving to help animals in need.

The dog was walking down the middle of the Texas highway, head hanging down trying not to get hit by the 18 wheelers that were zooming by...

Of the many people who saw this mama pit bull wandering down this busy highway on this hot July day, one woman decided to stop. She pulled over and called to the dog. But the frightened dog took off in the opposite direction and headed into a creek bed. This special woman was determined to rescue her, so she went into the creek after her. The dog seemed surprised, but it was so hot (Texas in July is HOT) and she was so heavy with pups she didn't have the energy to protest. It just so happens that the rescuer was a volunteer with the Humane Society of North Texas SW Adoption Center, so she headed there with her.

While on her three day stray hold at the shelter, the dog delivered her pups... eleven in all! Although she so wanted to, due the many other foster dogs at her home, the rescuer was not able to take in this girl and her pups. However, she aptly named the dog Little Miss Sunshine. Then this rescuer, as hard as it was, said her goodbyes. LMS and her four surviving pups (sadly the rough start in life took its toll on the young family) began their journey to Massachusetts to find their forever homes.

One of the pups, Brady, was fostered by PBRC volunteer Sarah
Roies and her husband. Brady was a 3 month old pup who had spent his entire short life up to that point in a kennel. The world of being in a home, was new and scary to him. He didn't know how to walk on carpet. So unfamiliar was this surface, he would lift his feet up really high, like a prance. Brady was very unsure of the world away from his siblings and the shelter, and was shy for weeks. With lots of training, love and reassurance, he quickly bonded with his people and blossomed.

When a potential adopter came along Sarah couldn't imagine him living with anyone else. And then, she joined the club of foster failures. Those of you who are also members, know what a special club this is!


Kerri K said...

such a sweet story....and i love the term "foster failure" too cute! And you mail fail at being a foster...but there is no failure in anything that gives a needy dog (esp a pitty) a loving fur-ever home!!

Anonymous said...

Brady boy is one lucky dog to have someone love him so much that they cant part with him! That says a lot about the big hearts that all of you rescuers hold. God bless you all! xo I wish there were more like you!