Sunday, April 10, 2011

April is National Animal Cruelty Prevention Month!

All this month, PBRC will be sharing stories that highlight rescue, and advocates for our dogs. Some of these stories will be from PBRC volunteers, other articles will highlight rescues and organizations striving to help animals in need.

One afternoon I was headed to animal control to take photos of adoptable dogs. As I was driving by the dog park, I swore I saw a dog in the corner but no people. I decided to turn around and check it out. I walked through and didn’t see any cars or people. As I got to the very end of the park I spotted a pit bull type dog. I called to her
and she cautiously headed my way. As she got closer, I realized she was in horrible condition. She was emaciated, her ears were so infected they looked like cauliflower, she had recently had puppies, she had a horrible embedded collar scar, she was covered in blood from fresh wounds, and she was covered in infections from old wounds. She came right to me with a tiny tail wag and fell in my lap. I called animal control to come get her so her condition would be properly recorded in hopes we could find the owners and seek animal cruelty charges. Animal control released her to Atlanta Bully Rescue and we named her Sadie.

Sadie recovered quickly and her sweet disposition amazes everyone considering the condition she was found in. The vet said she had been in many dog fights over the past few years judging by the scars. There’s no way to know if she was intentionally fought or if they were just random dog fights. She loves everyone she meets and does a little happy tap dance for them. It’s amazing to see how happy and forgiving these dogs can be after being so neglected. Sadly, in the year we’ve had Sadie, she hasn’t gotten a single application, but we are still hopeful her forever home will turn up. Until then she will remain with us. She would make an amazing companion for a lucky adopter. She is such a great dog with an inspiring spirit. Here is a video of Sadie taken a week after she was in ICU at the vet's office, so some of her infections had healed:

~ Atlanta Bully Rescue

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john.hojnacki99 said...

God bless you all for being the voice for those who cannot speak!