Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pit Bull Metal Pop Art is coming to Poppymart... but the artist needs your input!

Remember back in July when Alan Derrick, a 3-D pop metal artist, was asking about the pit bull features you find most endearing? Well, has he got a follow-up question for you! 

Which of these original 3-D metal works of pop art should be donated to PBRC and auctioned off to benefit our cause? 

Sound off and let him know which color you think is best. 

This is 3-D metal pop art. It is not a print or painting. This art form features layers of cut steel positioned one over the next, giving the artwork depth and dimension. The artist, Alan Derrick, splatters on layers of paint creating an illusion which mimics light itself. Each one is an original, hand crafted and signed by the artist.

Learn more about the artist and his art by visiting

How PBRC will benefit
PBRC will receive as a donation, the original artist proof of the work of art created for the limited edition series. The artist proof, the first rendition of the design, is considered much more valuable and collectable by art enthusiasts. This artist proof will be among the items up for bid in our online Poppy Mart auction in September. The funds raised through Poppy Mart are used to help further the work of PBRC.