Monday, April 28, 2008

Your Pit Bull's Desert Island Toy

In a recent informal poll, pit bull owners listed the following items as "must-haves" for their pibble:
  • enormous pile of horse dung
  • Galileo bone
  • underwear
  • squeaky toy
  • the refrigerator
  • bully stick
  • soccer ball
  • jolly ball
  • Dogzerts
  • inflatable raft to ship off any other dogs that might show up
  • the cookie jar
  • the bed
  • big stuffed fleece bone
  • frisbee
  • owner's lap
  • sticks
  • evil red cuz ball
  • bad cuz ball
  • best friend
  • the couch
  • kong
  • socks
  • nylabone
  • blankie
  • pig ears
And many pit bull owners said their dog only wants them.

It looks like this pibble might take her chair.

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