Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gumby, the Toothless Old Pit Bull in Atlanta, Part 2

First I would like to thank all of the wonderful people that have already helped and those who have offered to help with Gumby's medical bills. I am truly touched by your generosity and your concern for him. I also want to thank the two people that have offered to give this old man a safe place to spend the rest of his years.

The good news is that Gumby's blood work is very normal for a heartworm positive dog his age! The vet thinks he's between 8-10 years old.

The bad news is that he scraped positive for scabies and me, my husband and Erica (my friend, neighbor and fellow rescuer) may also have it. Oh the joys of animal rescue! I will still give him a hug from everyone, though! We will have to be very careful with Gumby and not let him come into contact with our other pets until he is healed, which may take a while.

Gumby's remaining teeth are stable and there are no signs of infection.

The doctor says that he does not have a prolapsed rectum, and that it is very common to see a protruding anus in a unneutered dog as old as he is, though she admits that his is the worst she has ever seen.

His fecal exam revealed that he has hookworms and whipworms.

The doctor wants to recheck him in 2 weeks to see how he's doing. She recommends that we have him heartworm treated before having him neutered. Also, his skin needs to clear up before he is neutered.

Today he was vaccinated, given a medicated bath, received Hydroxycine (not sure if I spelled that right) for his itchy skin and put on antibiotics. He was sent home with a huge bag of meds! Erica also took him to McDonald's for a treat on the way home.

Gumby still needs to be treated for heartworms and neutered, as well as microchipped so he'll never be a lost wanderer again!

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