Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gumby, Part 3 (and Rosie, too)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on Gumby & Rosie.

Gumby is at Town & Country East vet clinic where he received his heart worm treatment. He is finished and so far, so good! I visited with him today and he was very happy to see me. He will be at T&C until Monday, as I am going out of town this weekend and Erica is also out of town. His skin is better, though he will need two more doses of ivermectin for the mange. He also needs to be microchipped and neutered.

Here are links to his latest videos:


Rosie is also at T&C and she will begin heart worm treatment tomorrow. Her heart worms are more advanced than Gumby's were, so please send positive, healing thoughts to her. She is gaining weight since we wormed her and is really turning out to be a sweet little girl. Once she has recovered from heartworm treatment she also needs to be microchipped and spayed.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their generosity, support and concern for these dogs. We couldn't help them without you!

K9 Rescue League

Hello everyone!

We took Gumby out to Hightower Farm Sanctuary this weekend to see how he responds to horses and cats. He did great! If he can also get along with pigs, cows and goats then he may have a forever home in Florida. If that doesn't work out, there is also a potential home for him in Tennessee.

Here's the link to the video:

Gumby was treated for heartworms a month ago and is doing great! Thankfully he didn't have a severe case. His skin is much better and he will be going back to the vet for a re-check sometime next week. As soon as we get the green light we will have him neutered and microchipped.


K9 Rescue League

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