Monday, April 28, 2008

PBRC at the Maryland Doggone Walk Festival

Sunday April 27th a damp and chilly morning found PBRC volunteers, Lex, Amanda and Sheb at the Doggone Walk Festival to benefit the Anne Arundel Count SPCA.

This event welcomed dogs of all shapes and sizes and even several other species of critters and their people, to walk through the beautiful Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis Maryland to raise money for the all homeless pets.

More than 50 businesses, shelters, rescues and non-profit organizations set up booths to provide the walkers with lots of information and goodies from local pet organizations and PBRC was right in the middle of them all. Our volunteers provided pet owners from all over Maryland with the best pit bull educational information available. Topics included: “what is a pit bull”, “what is BSL and how do we fight it”, “fun things to do with your pit bull” as well as the many services PBRC can provide to pit bull owners, rescuers and enthusiasts.

Our local breed ambassador, Murphy, also donated his time and his tongue to PBRC’s event! For a small donation, Murphy provided as many pit bull kisses as you could take. More often than not, though Murphy gave his kisses away for free, but that was ok too since he is determined to change the public image of his breed one face washing at a time.

Despite the cold drizzle and cloudy skies, we had an enthusiastic crowd visit us at our booth, meeting our volunteers, getting their Murphy kisses and showing off their own beautiful dogs and in the process learning more about our wonderful breed.

Check out our slide show of the event here and see the fantastic people that stopped by to visit us. A big thank you from PBRC to everyone who stopped by to see us!

If you have a pet event coming up in your town that you would like to see PBRC at please send us an email at to let us know the details.

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Lucy said...

What gorgeous pooches! Love the pittie smiles. :)