Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on Kiva, one of the Missouri 500

Kiva has been in her new home for about three weeks now. It has truly been a learning experience for both of us. She has so many ‘firsts’ I can’t even count them. Her first time in a house, first soft pillow to sleep on, first couch to sleep on, first snuggle with a person, first kitty friends, first dog friends, first yard to run in with no chains, first bath, first toys and the experiences go on and on.

For me it’s been a learning experience to see that absolutely everything is new to her! Simple things such as opening doors or cabinets in the house leave her in awe. Opening the dishwasher door really freaked her out and forget the washer and dryer!

Her resilience is a constant surprise to me as well. She bears a few scars on her jaw,
chest, shoulders and front legs that suggest that she’s been in at least one fight before she started pumping out the puppies, yet when she plays with my dogs she has such a gentle mouth and great bite inhibition. She loves to wrestle and play rough as most pit bulls do, but she never gets too aroused and will stop the moment the boys do or I call them for a break.

Lots of things still startle her, but she recovers very quickly and is always curious to check things out; a true testament to a solid pit bull temperament.

She’s started clicker training w
ith me, another first, and is catching on quickly. Whoever gets to be her forever home is going to get one heck of a good girl!

~ Amanda C.

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