Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank you!

Yesterday was a day for everyone to spend time with their loved ones and give thanks. For many of the dogs from nation's largest multi-state federal dog fighting raid in history there's a lot to be thankful for. They will no longer be forced to live their lives out on heavy chains, they will not need to fight for their lives, produce puppies for someone's personal gain or live in pain, with untreated wounds. For the first time in their lives they are being shown the compassion every living creature deserves.

So it seems fitting that today, PBRC was able to make a donation to Mutts-N-Stuff, through the PBRC St. Louis Second Chance Fund to assist with the cost of Fay’s first surgery. Fay arrived at the St. Louis temporary shelter missing her lips, most likely torn off in a dog fight. Seeing Fay for the first time was tough, she is the true face of dog fighting and living proof that our society has a long way to go. The hardest part of meeting Fay was how sweet she was. Seeing a dog who’s face has been mutilated for someone’s personal gain wiggling around in her crate, sticking her tongue out to try to lick your hand. It’s enough to make your heart break in two.

Fay has been under the care of her veterinarian, recovering at the clinic so they can keep an eye on her skin grafts and stitches but today she is in the loving care of her rescuer, Gale, for the holidays. This is the start of a new life for her and for so many others and we’re thankful to every person involved in helping the victims of dog fighting.

We are also thankful to our supportive donors who made the PBRC St. Louis Second Chance Fund
possible. It has been a true gift to have the opportunity to support the rescues who have come forward to help these dogs. We hope there comes a day soon, when we can sit down and be thankful that dog fighting is a thing of the past.

(Fay's mouth has been bandaged to prevent her from opening her mouth too wide and tearing her stitches.)


Snoozepossum said...

Go Fay!!

And good for PBRC for all their work on the 500's behalf - may it come back to them.

I've seen and rehabbed many more like her than the stereotype the media has promoted; treated like garbage and still trying to make friends. Here's to pit bull second chances becoming a widespread epidemic!

Liz said...

Great article. I absolutely LOVE you guys, and all of the work you do. You guys are amazing. I'm so glad Faye is on her way to recovery, and hopefully she'll find a home of her home soon.