Monday, November 16, 2009

Pauline's Road to Recovery

When Kelly first saw Pauline in the distance while out walking her dogs, she wasn't sure it was a dog she was seeing. Pauline was malnourished, hairless, had a heavy chain attached to her neck and was barely moving. Kelly brought her dogs home and returned to give Pauline some food and water and then brought her to the vet.

The plan was to locate a responsible rescue to take Pauline once she was healthy. The problem was, all the rescues in and around Kelly's area were either full or did not rescue pitbulls. Kelly was committed to finding Pauline the best possible home since she'd had such a rough start. It was clear from the beginning that Kelly was attached to Pauline, so as many foster stories go, Pauline has found her forever home..with Kelly.

She has made a full recovery and is doing great. Pauline inspired Kelly to help more pitbulls in need and has been happy to share her new home with the rescue dogs who have co
me to stay for a while. Pauline may not have had the best beginning but that's one of the amazing things about dogs, they don't live in the past-they live in the present.

And right now things are pretty darn good:
Thank you Kelly!

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