Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kane the Paniolo - Day 2

Thank y'all for the warm welcome!

From what I can tell those Yankees are some might fine folks! In addition to my new pa, I've heard Ms. Lynn talk about a lot of people from Yankeeville that are real hospitable and very kind. They must have hearts of gold to want to take in all those juvenile delinquents from the doggie jail!

A few of y'all have asked my age. I'm not sure exactly how old I am. The people at jail thought I was just a young buck, probably not even a year old. The Doc thought I might be older, maybe 1 to 2 years old, but he was an old geyser with bad eyes. I get to go see a new Doc on Monday so maybe he can tell me if I'm old enough to get my licker license yet!

The new Doc is going to tell Ms. Lynn how to get the worms out of my heart and back on the fishin' poles where they belong. I'm supposed to be going to a big party Tuesday to receive something called a neuter, but the Doc already told Ms. Lynn that those darn worms might be mighty big and that party might get postponed because it might not be safe to give me any laughing gas. I'm pretty bummed about that 'cause even though I don't know what a neuter party is, anything with laughin' gas sounds like a good time and I can't wait! I know Ms. Lynn is REALLY roaring to get me to that party too so hopefully those worms won't put off my fun much longer.

Ms. Lynn and the Yankee have been talking about
me all day and they are pretty sure that I did have a home where at least I wasn't abused or got in no fights or nothing. I don't have any fears of loud noises or fast movements and I don't show no matter when they slide my food away from me. Even though the folks I used to live with obviously didn't take me to no Neuter Parties or give me those candies that keep the worms out of my heart, I don't show no fear of much and even don't bother those wiley cats or pay no mind when those Da Zees thieves bark or whine at me to come closer to them. I'm just a cool paniolo minding my own business.

Of course, Ms. Lynn is stumped as she said that most of my pibble cousins and I have something called an even temperament, so it's kind of hard to tell what my background is. I don't know how she knows I have an even temperament as I ain't seen her measure me with no level or anything.

She also said that there's something to consider called the Honeymoon. Now, I don't remember getting married, but there was that wild night down in Charlotte that's still a blur, so who knows. Anyway, Ms. Lynn says that we're all in the Honeymoon and we need to give it some time before we make any assumptions about anything. There's also that business with the worms, that slows me down a lot, so I'm probably not as energetic now as I might be when I get better.

I did get my very own crate today. Ms. Lynn was kind of worried that I wouldn't like my own bunk but once she put my food in it, I walk right in. When she closed the door, I turned and said "Thanks for the privacy" and went back to finish my chow. She left me be and when she came back about 20 minutes later I was taking a nap with my head in the chow bowl. She laughed at me, but I tell you, I shore do like that new stainless steel. It was smooth and cool and a great place to lie down my tired paniolo head for a bit.

So, my day was pretty nice here at Pibble Creek. I can tell Ms. Lynn is worried about my health and such but she ain't got no need to be. I'm a Pibble Paniolo and we're as tough as they come!

Kane Agape

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Sarah said...

Kane boy, your so handsome! I look forward to reading more about your adventures, keep those posts coming.