Monday, November 5, 2007

Update - CT accident

From The Hartford Courant

Martino turned her gaze back to the red cab of the truck that Derry's had hit, and noticed a white pit bull in the window. "I saw him pop up and I thought, if he's OK, maybe the driver's OK. I tried to call him, but [the dog] didn't want to get out of the truck."

The dog, later identified as Tiny, wouldn't leave the side of his master, James J. Clark, 27, of Patchogue, N.Y. The dog wouldn't leave the cab until Clark was eased out the passenger door of his cab clearly in pain, Martino said. Clark was taken to William B. Backus Hospital in Norwich. Vincent Gagliardi, another bystander-turned-rescuer, fashioned a leash from his belt and took custody of Tiny.

"Vince was an excellent guy," Martino said. "Vince stayed with the dog the whole time. We finally got word from the hospital at about 1:15 that the driver was OK and was yelling that he wanted to see his dog. Vince took him to the hospital so the gentleman could see him."

From The Day

Mariani was treated and released as was James J. Clark, 27, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was driving the tractor-trailer. Clark and his pit bull “Tiny” were reunited Friday at The William W. Backus Hospital after both survived the crash.

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