Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Palm Springs Pit Bull PRIDE

The day started like any other until the feather boa came out of the closet. After breakfast, mom said we were going to a PRIDE parade downtown. I’ve never been to a parade. There we were, me wrapped in the boa and feeling very fluffy, and mom and dad sitting on the curb watching floats and marching bands go by.

People could not resist me in my boa! Kids and drag queens squealed with delight and put necklaces on me. There were a lot of dogs in the parade and I kissed some of them as they walked by. There was a search and rescue Lab in training sitting next to me but her mommies said she was working so no smoochies for her. Oh well, can’t say I didn’t try!

The parade got me thinking how pit bulls and gay people both face stereotypes and prejudices. People are quick to judge and focus on outer appearances, never getting past them to see what’s on the inside. We can’t help what we are born with, like sometimes I wish I had yellow clothes like the SAR Lab because then people might not cross the street so fast when I’m out walking. But since I can’t change my genetics, I have to shape the environment to be more accepting and change peoples’ perceptions, one at a time. And how to do this? Well, I think getting out there and giving lots of kisses is key.

Or maybe all we need is a pit bull PRIDE parade!

~ Kandy

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