Sunday, November 18, 2007

Palm Springs Pit Bull

Part 1: From country to cosmo

Mom and dad really lost their heads this time! Things were going great, or so I thought, and then one day they woke up and decided they wanted to move to Palm Springs! They said it would be like a vacation. Huh? We live on an acre in the foothills and the boys and I chase rabbits and dig after gophers all day long…that’s better than a vacation! They said they were tired of maintaining the place. *sigh* I think they are going through a mid-life crisis.

The first challenge the folks faced was finding a rental that allowed 3 good-sized woofers. Some landlords were okay with small, frou-frou doggies, and others weren’t interested in talking to mom and dad at all. But, mom would throw words around like “middle-aged” and “fixed” and that seemed to make a good impression on a few of the landlords. Some asked what “breed” and dad would say, “Umm” and mom would say, “mixed-breed dogs from the pound” and everyone would go, “Awww.” The landlords who liked dogs didn’t really care what color clothes they had on. If someone had a problem with my clothes, I was going to show my CGC certificate, but I didn’t even have to. After a diligent search, and a little extra cash, mom and dad got a decent house with a yard and a fence to rent in Palm Springs. No rabbits or gophers, but there is a pool. Woohoo!

Another challenge: insurance. I think that people with dogs should really have insurance because other people make a living going to court and dogs, like me, are easy targets for lawsuits. Mom says we’ve always had State Farm because they’re not prejudiced against any dogs. But, sadly, some companies are. My friends at PBRC made this list of insurance places that like people with dogs:

Chubb Group -

Farmers Insurance Group -

Kemper -

Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc.-

Nationwide -

Ohio Insurance Exchange (OH residents) - 1-800-473-1215

Safeco Corp. -

State Farm -

Sunny SoCal Insurance Service (nationwide) -

Travelers -

United Services Automobile Association -

So, by now, you might be wondering who is writing this entry. I’m Kandy, a 7-yr old pit bull mix, on vacation in Palm Springs. The boys and I, and mom and dad are settling in and I’m really getting the hang of shopping out here! There are so many fun places and I will write about the best boutiques next time.


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