Monday, June 6, 2011

Saving Audie

If you are looking for a great family and pit bull friendly book, check out "Saving Audie". This book highlights Audie, a former Vick dog, and his journey from a fearful dog to a breed ambassador.

His website is:

He even has his own Facebook page!

This brave, adorable dog is getting lots of well deserved publicity! Check out the links below with just some of the reviews:

From Best Friends Animal Shelter website about the book:

Here's the review from Publishers Weekly:
Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance

“This polished photo-essay by frequent collaborators Patent and Muñoz will tug at the heartstrings of readers--especially those sympathetic to the plight of the often-maligned pit bull. In cogent, conversational prose, the author chronicles the rehabilitation journey of one of the dogs rescued in 2007 from NFL quarterback Michael Vick's illegal dogfighting operation. Named Audie by his eventual owners, the dog first spent months caged in a shelter until animal rights groups successfully petitioned the courts to allow the rescued pit bulls to be tested to determine if they were safe to handle. Placed in a permanent home, Audie gradually learned to trust people and get along with other dogs. After undergoing knee surgery, he began training for agility competitions and, in a satisfying cap to his success story, now acts as a "canine coach," helping shy and fearful dogs. Muñoz's crisp, candid photos include many endearing shots of Audie--both solo and interacting with humans and other rescued dogs. Bright backgrounds and caption-like commentary keep this uplifting and informational book lively.” – Publishers Weekly

And the starred review from School Library Journal:

“This is the story of one dog’s journey from NFL star quarterback Michael Vick’s insidious dog-fighting kennel to a good home. With the help of animal-rights groups like the ASPCA and BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), Audie was tested, trained, and taken into foster care. His foster family identified his needs and potential, and continued his training until they found Linda and William, who loved and adopted him. Patent and Muñoz bring to life each step of progress and show how the bandy-legged, shoe-chewing puppy grew and graduated from Canine Good Citizen and obedience classes. Due to court-ordered reparations pertaining to the Vick case, the pup received knee surgery that allowed him to participate in agility work that turned out to be one of his talents. From cowering against a wall to learning self-esteem, the pit bull became a coach to other dogs learning to live with people and animals. This book has a positive impact to counteract the myths about the breed. The back matter includes information about pit bulls, BAD RAP, advocates of the breed, the Vick case time line, and a list ‘for further reading and surfing.’” – School Library Journal


Anonymous said...

i so want to find this book so i can read it to my daughter so she can learn not to be mean to the animals and how good pit bulls can be no matter what happens to them in their past we have a pit lab mix and she had a good life before us but not every dog is so lucky

Krista said...

I would also highly recommend "The Lost Dogs" by Jim Gorant. Its another book that details the rescue and rehab of the BadRap Dogs. It also gives alot of insight into the actual case and the process it took to build and actually bring down Mike Vick. I am interested to read more on Audie as he is mentioned in Gorants book as well! Much love to all the Pits and Pit owners out there!

Krista said...

I highly recommend reading "The Lost Dogs" by Jim Gorant. Its a well written story about the rescue and rehab of the BadNewz Kennel Pits. It also gives some insight into what had to be done in order to actually bring Mike Vick down. Its definitely an eye opener and will make you think twice about every doing anything harmful to a dog. The book is sad and inspirational at the same time. I look forward to reading more about Audie as he was mentioned in Gorants book as well. Much love and respect to all you Pit owners and lovers out there!