Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tails in the 'Hood Super Bowl Sunday Edition

Hey Everyone,

Busy Weekend. Friday night Victoria Stillwell from "It's Me or The Dog" was presenting at a Pit Bull Talk in Gwinnett County. Very informative! I gain more respect for Victor
ia every time I see her. She has a passion for the pits. Ami's dog, Lenox, was showcased as well as Brandee's dog, Apollo. Saturday Ami had to help transport a Cane Corso up to Rome, GA. Well it was supposed to be a transport to Rome and somehow she ended up driving to Alabama! One of the legs to the transport didn't bother to show up. I drove up to Rome to get some video and pictures of Baby Kyle and his counterpart, Boy. These two dogs have been living in boarding since they were seized from a raid 2.5 years ago. They are now ready for adoption. They are both very loving and very sweet. Did I mention extremely handsome as well? Baby Kyle, is a little more relaxed, whereas Boy is just a clown. He is very toy motivated!! Loves to play and loves to be loved. They are both highly adoptable dogs.

Sunday rolled around. Ami and her husband, David, had to go get some car parts for Ami's car, so I took the opportunity to follow up on some of the people we met last week in Washington Park. I dropped by the Good Dog Company to bring True some vaccines and dewormer for her pups. She is fostering Rayme, our blind pitbull. Our other friend, Robin, is fostering Byron, the dog we took in last week while on a Tails in the Hood mission. Byron is doing great, He loves Robin's other dogs. Robin is also fostering Little Veronica, the emaciated girl we took in on our first Tails in the 'Hood mission. Byron is house broken, good with dogs, cats and people. Thanks True and Robin, we appreciate you very much!!

Next stop, Tymeco's house. He was on the way out when I called, but was willing to meet with me. We had a great conversation at Washington Park and I thought we may have gotten through to him and we did. We vaccinated and dewormed his beautiful 1.5 year pitbull named Redd. We also provided him with heartworm and flea prevention for the next 6 months. Tymeco agreed to let us get Redd neutered. His grandmother and brother also have a 1 year old brindle male named Cash. We vaccinated Cash and dewormed him as well as provided him with a 6 month supply of heartworm and flea prevention. We also gave them 2 bags of food. Tymeco is working on his brother to let us fix Cash as well. Redd is scheduled for next Monday at Lifeline in college park. They have a super team over there that are always willing to accomodate us.

Next call was to Terell. Terell is an aspiring rapper. He's very polite and very appreciative for what we are trying to do with our Tails in the Hood program. Terell is trying to schedule a day to get off early so he can have her fixed. We should be making the appointment this week. The next stop was Vine City to meet with Tim. We also met Tim at the Washington Park event. He was there with his 4 month old pit puppy, Pebbles. She was in need of some shots and dewormer. We vaccinated and dewormed little Ms Sassy Pebbles and Tim agreed that he should fix her. We are just trying to find a way to get her to and from Lifeline so we can schedule an appointment. We also provided Tim with a leash and collar for Pebbles. Every kid in that apartment complex felt the need to tell me about their pitbulls. I have a feeling we will be there again trying to reach out to these kids.

I came home and fed my dogs then headed to Liz's house. We needed to deworm Rosie JR and April. They are 2 pups that survived out of the litter of 6 that we rescued last week on our Tails in the Woods episode. These 2 are healthy and strong thanks to Village Vets and Liz and her husband, Matt, who are fostering them for us. They will be six weeks old next week and will be vaccinated then. Another busy but successful weekend. Today we had 4 more pups fixed at Lifeline. These were Spider and Demarco's dogs. 3 pits and 1 pomeranian that belonged to Spider's Mom. Thanks to Lisbeth and Marcia for the transport help. Some more good news: Peanut the Parvo pup that we treated at Village Vets has pulled through! He is home with his family and doing well. Those three dogs will be getting fixed within the next two weeks. If it wasn't for Pick having the good sense to call me, Peanut wouldn't be alive. Good Job Pick!! Tails in the Hood Rides again!!






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