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Tails in the 'Hood (continued)

November 28, 2010

I don't know if everyone knows about our project, Tails in the 'Hood, but basically Friends to the Forlorn and Atlanta Underdog Initiative went into low income areas and approached pit bull owners about responsible dog ownership. Here's a note from Jason about our latest adventures from weekend before last, and we just got the awesome news that we've been awarded a $ 5,000 grant towards our program!

Hey Everyone,

Rough weekend, as I am feeling a bit under the weather. This flu thing just grabbed a hold of me, but it cant stop us from following through on our Tails in The Hood missions. Last week we met Emerald (Pick) and GK in Decatur. We took them to Dekalb County Animal Control and showed them what it was like in the pound.( I sent the video last week) Thanks to the staff at DCAC and to Byron, from B Good Behavior Modification for taking the time to educate these two young men.

You see, these guys wanted to breed pit bulls as a source of income. They truly love their dogs, but just didn't know how bad it is out there for dogs, especially pits. Nobody ever explained to them about proper vaccines and worming or heartworm prevention. All it took was for some people to explain it to them. We just provided them with a little education. I went by today and vaccinated and dewormed their 4 pups. I gave them some heartworm preventative and we have now scheduled all three dogs to be spayed, neutered and micro-chipped as well as vaccinated for rabies. Lifeline Animal Project will be fixing them on Thursday. Now that's a great accomplishment, but it gets better. Now GK and Pick will be working with Tails in the Hood. I have a feeling you will be seeing these young men do a lot of good. We are working on getting them some fencing to get their pups off the chains. They are not allowed to have them indoors. Slowly but surely everything will work itself out.

Afterwards we went to go check on Kevin with his blue girl, Lady. We just got her spayed last week. I promised Kevin we would bring him some more food, and we needed to get the measurements to help repair his fence. We vaccinated Lady with a 5 in 1 shot and gave her a cap star for fleas. She has been inside since we gave Kevin a crate. Progress!!! We showed Kevin the video of our visit to Dekalb.

While I was driving home Ami called. It seems like Kevin and his friends want to take a day trip to the pound, too. We may reach a few more kids in the neighborhood. That’s what Tails in the 'Hood is all about, reaching out to the ones who really need to be reached. There are videos below of what we've been up to. Thanks for your support!

Now we're off on another Tails in the 'Hood mission tonight. Some neighbors found a pit/rottweiler mix they are calling Shuggie. We're taking them some food and a crate so they can bring Shuggie inside. It's too cold for him to be outside in this weather! It's supposed to be 20 degrees tonight. We're also going to get Shug signed up to get neutered at Lifeline College Park.

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