Thursday, September 17, 2009

Window to the Soul - A PBRC Vol Helping Out in MO

Both of my visits to Missouri made an impression on me, that I will never forget.

Upon each visit, the first thing I notice is the eyes. Some happy, sad, anxious, or pleading, but all telling a story of what they had been through. It is not hard to form an attachment to these dogs in such a brief period of time. So many different personalities and needs, yet each one easy to remember with clarity. Some are overly exuberant to greet you, others subdued and shy. Some have a fun, mischievous look. Most displayed the amazing temperament and resilience that Pit Bulls are known for even after the atrocities they had been through.

The look in the eyes of the dogs after they are fed, their crate or kennel is cleaned is priceless. As are the too short moments where one is able to give these dogs affection and a sense of peac
e and love by holding the dogs and speaking soft words. Those moments are what these dogs need.

Another thing that stood out regarding this situation is the teamwork, hard work and dedication of those individual volunteers who have been there from the start. These people work hard and still find the time to make dogs, once viewed in their former life as a commodity, feel loved. They are heroes not looking for any type of publicity, self promotion or recognition. They are there as advocates for these dogs, a voice for those who cannot speak.

~ AmyD


Anonymous said...

I made 2 trips there as well and you told it so beautifully, for I would tell others,it was their eyes that made me go back. Good job.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. It is not about publicity but about the dogs. I am so sick of reading about a certain group boast to fame when they have never even step foot in the Missouri location. They have not cleaned kennels, hug dogs, nor see the love in the dogs eyes when you hold them. They refer to anciliary dogs in different states as the dogs in Missouri. Sad. Very sad that they need to prop themselves on misleading information and barely true statements. I am grateful that they want to help the dogs in Ok and IA but state the truth and quit planning word games.

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