Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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In working in St. Louis, MO with HSMO (, doing the daily care of the 500+ pit bulls in their care, I have met many new people and organizations that aren't really clear on what really is or does. I have been a volunteer with since 2001 and often times I forget many people are new to the pit bull community and aren't sure what does. Below is a nice clean explanation about our organization and what it does for the pit bull community everyday.

There have been 8 PBRC volunteers who have been able to make the trip to Missouri from all over the US and Canada to help in the daily care of the dogs - many of those 8 have their own Pit Bull Rescue groups independent from that will be taking in some dogs from this case once they are turn over to the HSMO for release. As you will see below is not a rescue or shelter that receives dogs.

Let me be clear on one more point - NONE OF THE DOGS IN ST. LOUIS, MO (500+) where I and many other volunteers continue to work daily, have been released by the judges/court system yet (that information was verified this morning by HSMO) - so I beg you to please keep those dogs, the volunteers and staff of HSMO in your heart and minds in the coming days as tough, tough decisions will having to be made.
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Who we are: Pit Bull Rescue Central, Inc. (PBRC) is an online virtual shelter and educational resource dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and pit bull mixes. Our resources are designed for, and available to, the caretakers, rescuers and shelters who share their lives with these dogs. PBRC has been on-line since 1996, receiving its non-profit status in 2002.

The organization, along with the website, is run entirely by volunteers. These volunteers come from Europe, Canada, and across the United States. Our volunteers are amazingly dedicated and share a love for pit bulls and a strong desire to improve the quality of life, along with the public’s perception, of these dogs in today’s society.

What we do: PBRC works tirelessly to promote spaying and neutering, educate the public, present positive pit bull images, and encourage responsible pit bull ownership. A wide range of expertise is available seven days a week through our volunteers, who are experienced rescuers, trainers, and pit bull advocates. We answer a tremendous amount of email from the general public, with topics as far ranging as appropriate dog treats to Breed Specific Legislation updates. In addition, we provide free resources for dog owners, including an e-newsletter and free educational materials that can be downloaded and printed from our website. Children of all ages can visit Poppy’s Place, a special section of our website aimed at teaching our younger audience about pit bulls and responsible dog ownership.

We provide a free listing, adoption application and applicant review process to help place pit bulls in responsible, permanent homes. We extend our expert knowledge of the bully breeds to assist caregivers – from Good Samaritans helping their first pit bull to experienced rescuers of the breed - in making responsible decisions about the right home for their dogs.

PBRC also provides financial assistance to give needy dogs a chance at a happy and healthy life. The PBRC Fund helps rescued pit bulls with basic needs and medical bills, and owned dogs in need of life-saving treatment. The Fund also gives donations to rescue organizations who have shown exceptional dedication to helping pit bulls in need. The Spay/Neuter Program works to ease financial barriers for any pit bull owner who wants to get their dog spayed or neutered with information on free and low-cost spay/neuter programs across the country, and helping pay for sterilization where free surgery is not available.

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