Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer treat: Silkcicles

Frosty Paws are sometimes stocked in the ice cream section at the grocery store, although my local Albertsons has a small cooler in the pet food section where it keeps its Frosty Paws. A box of 4 individual cups of frozen fun costs about $5. My dogs love them, but at that price, I can't keep a freezer stocked with them! I got to thinking I could make a similar treat with small Dixie cups and soymilk.

Silk soymilk comes in several flavors...regular, chocolate, vanilla and very vanilla. We fill several little cups full and put them in the freezer for an hour or so and they're done. The dogs love them!

Supervision is recommended as the dogs will want every last bit and will chew the wax cup into bits. Some dogs may make a mess with theirs, so it's best if they eat them on a kitchen floor or outside.

~ Sanya


Princess said...

love this idea!

AmandaS said...

Sanya, yer such a smartypants!!

Keep said...

Oh my dogs will love it!