Saturday, February 7, 2009

V-Day Advice

Don't get a pet for Valentines Day! Please, don't only consider the animal, but consider your boy or girlfriend before you take the lazy way out and buy her a cute puppy or kitten. Or worse, troll the free ads on craigslist and get her a potential sick or diseased pet for zero dollars. There's only one thing lazier than getting a pet and that's getting the cliche "stuffed teddy bear."

Pets top the list of high maintenance gifts that are a big no no if you want to impress the S.O. Any gift that ends up costing the receiver more money than you spent in the long run is a really bad idea. So please don't get them a gym membership (unless you plan on being ignored and scorned for the rest of the month), don't buy your girlfriend cookwear or cooking classes (unless you want to be posioned), and don't get that cute little animal or that crackberry.

Pets are really personal gifts that may outlast you and your committement to each other. It's the very best thing for your S.O. to pick our their own pet if that's what they want. Don't think that getting her a gift certificate for a future purchase either... that's cheesy. Stick with a massage gift certificate, roses, buy her favorite perfume, dinner cruise, jewelry, micro brew gift pack for the dudes, or try one of those "experience" gifts such as parachuting, canoeing, horseback riding and hey, if you are kinky, you can buy one of those "poles" and promise to use it. But the spiked leather dog collar that's not for the pet... no.

Just leave the pets out of it this year, OK?
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