Friday, February 13, 2009

33 Minutes

Thirty-three minutes
Doesn't mean much to me
I don't wear a watch,
I'm a dog don't you see

But, I guess it's important
'Cause I heard it was said,
Thirty-three minutes to
the time I'd be dead

I don't understand
Why my time was so short
But my head was too big,
and my legs were too short

Those folks at the shelter
were sure nice to me,
But they couldn't let me go
just to be tied to a tree

They struggle each day with
a truth that is sad,
There are people that want me
just to make me be bad

So, they put out the call
to the few they could trust,
"Come get this sweet girl,
Give her a life that is just"

Their call reached the ears
of some folks far away,
But they hopped in their truck
And they headed my way

They raced down the back roads
To try to reach me
Kept checking the clock,
Not even stopping to pee.

They burst through the door and said,
"Are we too late?
Did that sweet, precious dog
meet an unfortunate fate?"

"You made it in time" shouted
All those around
And there was tears of joy
That fell to the ground

Not all pets in shelters
Are as lucky as me
Most watch their time run out,
To never be free

So, what can you do
To end these sad tales?
Please spay and neuter
and treat your pets well.

Don't abuse them, Or fight them,
Or chain them to trees.
Don't beat them or sell them
Or let them roam free

It is really quite easy
to prevent my near fate
Just do right by your pets,
It's never too late

The moral of the story
Is easy to see
If you do the right thing
Then nice people can stop
to go pee!


Edie said...

I LOVE IT!!! And thanks for rescuing this beauty!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful story! I got my pit/boxer from a rescue group. Her litter was found in a dumpster in Detroit :( Thank god for good people!