Monday, March 24, 2008

PBRC's 3rd Annual I Pittie, the Fool Contest!

It's time for Pit Bull Rescue Central's 3rd Annual "I Pittie, The Fool" photo contest! Are you entertained by your bully buddy's antics? Is your canine companion a constant comic cut-up?

Share those silly moments with everyone by submitting a photo to our contest!

To enter your playful pooch in our contest, send your photo, the dog's name, your name, and your email address to Once all pictures are received they will be put into a gallery for the public to vote on. The owner with the best fool of a pit bull will win a t-shirt from PBRC featuring his/her contest picture.

Please submit your photos no later than March 28, 2008 (Midnight EST). Multiple entries are welcome, but please submit only one photo per dog. And please remember safety first when snapping those silly pics!

Mark your calendars:

Deadline for photos: Fri March 28 (Midnight EST)
Foolish voting by everyone: Sun March 30
I Pittie, The Fool announced: Tues April 1

Good luck and may your hilarious hound win!

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