Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Palm Springs Pit Bull: Four-paw tour

A great way to tour Palm Springs is on foot. Grab a leash and a poop bag and follow me! Palm Springs is very dog-friendly. Many restaurants and coffee shops have outdoor seating where dogs can go. The fun part of Palm Canyon Drive with all the cute shops is one mile long; it’s good exercise to walk down one side and up the other. The earlier in the morning you go, the less crowded it is. In the summer it’s very hot here, like 90 degrees at 6am, so not many people visit then, but in the winter it’s much cooler and people tour from all over.

Another fun thing to tour is the Walk of Stars. There are over 250 stars in the sidewalk. T
o get one, you have to live in Palm Springs a while, be in show business, be an author or some kind of pioneer, or win a congressional medal of honor. Did you know Cheetah, the ape from Tarzan, lives here? He got a star! Cheetah is like 76 years old now and me and Dad walked by his house once. Cheetah is an artist. You can see some of his work HERE!

Palm Springs has art around the city like statues and sculptures, stuff my housemate Pepper pees on. Everyone likes to get pictures with Sonny Bono’s statue. I like it because there is fountain of water there and I love to go in fountains. In the summer, we do the “walk of fountains” so I don’t die of heat exposure. Sonny Bono was the mayor of Palm Springs until he skied into tree and died…so sad. Now there is statue and star for him since he was a likeable goofball like some dogs we all know.

The last thing on the walking tour is the road to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. People park at visitor center and walk/run/bike up the road to Tram station and back for fitness. It’s 3 miles to the welcome sign and I think about 1500 ft elevation climb. Very fun walk! Mom said it was harder for her coming down than going up and her butt hurt for a week after. That’s because she’s out of shape…my butt was fine, but I did sleep good that night.

Next time: Palm Springs dog park…

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