Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yo' Mama Dresses You Funny!

I remember seeing people like Paris Hilton on TV with their little dogs dressed in rhinestones and chiffon and thinking how silly and stupid that was. I mean, who would put clothes on a dog? Then, I got a pit bull.

I never set out to subject my dog to such torture. While looking for some slogan shirts for myself, I stumbled upon the doggie shirts. Surely, a few wouldn't do any lasting harm to my dog's dignity. The response was overwhelming. People who had previously walked to the other side of the street to avoid us were now rushing over to see what my dog's message of the day read. These folks were now smiling the moment they saw us and I learned that people couldn't laugh and be scared at the same time. They started asking more questions about my dog and pit bulls in general.

This revelation sent my poor pit bull into a downward spiral of fashion couture that would make Armani blush. Her wardrobe is now larger than mine. She has shirts, dresses, collars, bandanas, sunglasses, hats, coats for all seasons and even a pink faux fur stole. Most are functional and warm but, upon closer inspection, one might glimpse a rhinestone or two!

I would hesitate to condemn my dog to such torment, but she really loves wearing her clothes. It can most likely be attributed to conditioning. She knows that diving into the wardrobe means she is in store for an outing involving her favorite thing – people!

Current strategic warfare states that to win any war you have to win the hearts and minds of those whose help you need to succeed. With BSL and the negative media image of pit bulls being so pervasive, I want to do everything I can to change people's perception of the pit bull. If they are approaching with a smile on their face, I've already won half the battle.

Hmm, maybe chiffon isn't so bad after all!

~ Lynn, aka The Bat Whisperer

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