Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Break the Chains of Cruelty"

PBRC is pleased to present vintage-look posters by artist, Christine J. Head. Christine's background is in traditional fine arts but she has perfected her talent on multimedia and digital canvases. Artwork is crafted on the computer with special software and hardware, including a pen and tablet, giving Christine virtually unlimited media at her fingertips. The final product is printed on high-quality, watercolor paper in limited runs and each print is hand-signed and numbered by Christine. Prints are shipped rolled in a tube.

On sale now in PBRC's Poppy Shop you'll find "Break the Chains of Cruelty," created in 2006 and limited to 5000 copies. Prints measure 24"x 36" and can be displayed in standard frames. The poster features Tiger, a pit bull rescued from a life at the end of a chain and the pertinent message (in Italian), "Break the chains of cruelty. Bring all dogs inside. Our canine friends deserve love and companionship." Each purchase includes a paper telling Tiger’s story written by comedian/writer/animal activist Elayne Boosler, and his happy “after” picture.

Christine has given PBRC the unique opportunity to offer her posters for purchase and help raise funds at the same time. The rescue receives 50 percent of each sale, so buyers can collect gorgeous art and help save pit bulls.

For more information and to order your vintage-look, "Break the Chains of Cruelty" poster, click here.

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