Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gypsy - A Happy Tale

Many of us remember the story of the dog Gypsy, an abandoned pit bull in North Carolina, found by a good samaritan in horrible shape. Her story traveled around the Internet a few years back. She captured the hearts of many. Veterinary medical professionals took her case and perform reconstructive surgery on her jaw. Tri-County Animal Rescue

Just tooling through the Internet, I happened upon and update on dear, sweet Gypsy. Though this page is a little old (2006), Gypsy's story serves as a reminder that even pit bulls that have been horribly abused and likely fought, can become good pets and loving companions!

Thanks to Tri-County Animal Rescue and Gypsy for reminding us of the good things in life...

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Kate said...

That is good to see that she is doing better. My sister has a pitbull rotwiler cross and i am scared to death of it but after reading up a little more i see that the animals can actually be pretty tame just so long as you dont beat them or use them in dog fights.

good luck gypsy

Leanna said...

Gypsy, you are the beauty of all beauties!
I am so glad to hear that you have recouperated and are doing well.
Thank you so much for giving people another chance. Your people are lucky to have you in their lives and from the looks of things you are being treated the way you should.
You are a true ambassador to your breed. Enjoy life and good luck sweetie pie!

Leanne & Jessie

John said...

I'm glad I found this article, it warms my heart so much to see things like this, I'm glad Gypsy is now having a happy life filled with love.

Hugs to Gypsy from England.

Eric said...

what a sweet girl - blessings to her and all who helped her - I cried FOR HER then and I cry now but BECAUSE OF HER TRANSITION - the reasons change.

Thanks to those who put this story here. – Eric