Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pit Bull Rescue Central Receives ASPCA Grant to Help More Dogs

Here at PBRC, we've always been fans of the work the ASPCA does to promote a positive image for pit bulls and help them find loving homes. In addition to their high-profile work saving pit bulls from abuse, they also provide great information and expose the truth about important issues like breed specific legislation and media bias.

So, we were especially excited to learn than an anonymous ASPCA employee chose PBRC as the recipient of an ASPCA Staffers' Choice Grant. The ASPCA Staffers' Choice Grant was established last year as a way for ASPCA employees who are being recognized for their achievements to give back to the rescue community. Thank you, Anonymous!

Earlier this summer, PBRC was awarded the $500 grant. What does $500 mean to PBRC? It means we can help even more pit bulls in need.

In the month of June, the grant helped five pit bulls get spayed or neutered as part of our Spay/Neuter Fund, which provides financial assistance to owners and rescuers doing their part to fight overpopulation.

PBRC also provides financial aid to owners and rescuers facing veterinary hardships. Last month, the ASPCA grant helped the PBRC Medical Fund contribute toward a cart for a New Jersey dog in need, providing the family that loves her a way to keep giving her a good life.

The work being done every day by the volunteers of PBRC to make the world a better place for pit bulls couldn't happen without the support of people like the ASPCA employees who care about the future of these dogs.

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