Friday, January 13, 2012

Dress Up Your Pet on January 14th!

January 14th has been designated "Dress Your Pet Up Day". From dressing our pit bulls in coats and boots to protect them from poor weather conditions, to holiday costumes, our dogs do not get much say in their wardrobe!

More and more companies are selling clothing for dogs, even dogs with a more athletic build such as pit bulls. No longer are sweaters, dresses and costumes only for toy breeds. Some of us even spend more on our dog's wardrobe than our own!

Because pit bulls have short hair, sometimes the clothing is truly functional. Winter walks become bearable with a warm coat and boots to protect paws.

Dressing up pets can also help shelters and rescues. A cute sweater can help make a shelter dog appear more approachable. By adding a cute slogan on the side, such as "Adopt Me", the dog can be promoted without any words. It also opens up the doors for conversation, allowing education to the public in a friendly, casual manner.

Whether you own a dog or are promoting adoption of a pit bull looking for a home, showcase some cute canine couture on a pit bull on January 14th!

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