Monday, September 19, 2011

The Poppy Mart Online Auction Has Begun!

PoppyMart 2011 is Here! Let the bidding begin!

PBRC's on-line auction, Poppy Mart 2011 is finally here. Through September 25, you can bid on over 700 exciting items for auction! Dog stuff, people stuff, gifts, jewelry and collectibles. There is something for every taste and wallet.

Pit Bull Rescue Central, Inc. (PBRC), a 501(c)3 organization, started its eighth annual on-line auction at 10:30PM Eastern (7:30PM Pacific) , on September 18th, 2011. All proceeds from Poppy Mart will go directly to PBRC's Fund - which finances Pit Bull Spay/Neuter; assists with medical procedures beyond the financial reach of rescuers, caretakers, owners and shelters; and supports the website that enables us to list dogs for adoption and provide educational resources. PBRC is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.
We are once again using eBay as our venue. To register for the auction and for instructions - Register Here! (Note: Everyone bidding needs to register with eBay.) If you are already registered with eBay, all you need to do is start bidding! Before you bid, we ask that you review our Auction Guidelines page.

Please visit our sponsor page to support our generous donors. PoppyMart would not be possible without the many retail vendors, volunteers, and friends who donated to PBRC's auction.

Click this link to go directly to PoppyMart!

Please note that the individual auctions will end at approximately 10:30PM Eastern (7:30PM Pacific), September 25th. The start and end times were changed this year to allow more bidders to be present for the closing bidding.  Feel free to contact us at with any questions!

The Volunteers of PBRC

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