Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tails in the 'Hood (continued)

November 23, 2010

You are only as good as your word. Ami and I promised to help these people we met on our Tails in the Hood adventure on Sunday, and we live up to our promises. Ami and her husband, David, have arranged to take Lady, Kevin's pit in for her spay tomorrow and Jermaine's two females in to get fixed on Monday. I had an interesting day. I met with my two new pit bull loving friends GK and Pick. These two young men are friends and are affiliated with rival gangs.

We grabbed a burger over at McDonalds and headed over to Dekalb County Animal Control. GK and Pick agreed to come there with me to see all the pit bulls that die each day before they start their breeding kennel. Byron of B Good Behavior Modification met us there. Byron is a great dog trainer that used to breed pit bulls, but now he has seen the severe overpopulation problem. We spent about 3.5 hrs there. I shot some video of our trip to the pound. I think my new friends have seen the light. I think they got more than an education. We are going to help them vaccinate their dogs and Byron is going to give them a few training tips. GK and Pick even agreed to come out and help us on our next Tails in the ‘Hood mission.

I have a feeling GK and Pick are going to be doing some good with us. They do need to find some local work in the Decatur area. If anyone has anything for them, please contact me. Thanks to the staff at Dekalb AC for letting us spend so much time there today. Here are some videos. Keep in mind most of these dogs will be dead by Friday.

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