Tuesday, October 19, 2010

National "I Own a Pit Bull" Day!

PBRC Invites and Encourages You to Go Public on National "I Own a Pit Bull" Day!

October 23, 2010

National "I Own a Pit Bull" Day
is a day to use the power of words and s
ocial media to declare ownership of pit bulls to acquaintances and strangers with the intent to promote pit bull ownership as something that is done by average, everyday, and extraordinary people.

So on October 23, 2010, let's make National Pit Bull Awareness Day a day where we stand up as proud and responsible pit bull owners.

Why Go Public As a Pit Bull Owner?

Even though it has been proven over and over again that Breed Specific Legislation doesn't work, local governments still attempt to introduce it into their communities.
  • Journalists rarely report on a dog attack unless the animal was identified as "pit bull"
  • Shelters are overpopulated with pit bulls.
  • Let's dispel the myths and stereotypes and show our community that we are conscientious pit bull owners and not who the media paints us to be.
Use your Facebook status. On October 23, create a status update that lets everyone know that you own a pit bull, along with another detail about yourself, be it mundane, marvelous, miraculous, or mediocre. Some ideas:
  • I own a pit bull and I love country music.
  • I own a pit bull and I am allergic to peanuts.
  • I own a pit bull and I have two mortgages.
  • I own a pit bull and I vote Green Party.
  • I own a pit bull and I am a cancer survivor.
  • I own a pit bull and I need coffee to get going in the morning.
Distribute "I own a pitbull..." business cards. Using the status from above, fill in these easy-to-print business cards, click here to download PDF, and distribute them to the people who might not know that you are a proud owner. Give one to your coworkers, gas station attendant, grocery store clerk, yoga instructor, bank teller, hairdresser, English teacher, doctor, taxi driver, subway seatmate, or anyone else.

Have fun!


Jack and Livvy said...

This is great!!

Anonymous said...

Hell's yeah!

Snoozepossum said...

Got you on Facecrack - Portable Weirdness page.

Amy said...

I own a pit bull and I rescue. I own a pit bull and I spay/neuter - NO MORE HOMELESS PETS!

Anonymous said...

Maui Pitbull Rescue loves this day most of all as we love all 75 in our rescue,,,,,,,

Allison said...

I will definitely be showing my support I have 2 very amazing pitbull puppies and they are my pride and joy I love showing them off any chance I get!!

crystal said...

Hell yeah this is great. My pit bull is my life.

Ellenita said...

I don't own a pit bull, have 2 Rotties'. But have family that do own put bulls. They are smarter and more friendly than some people I know. I consider them part of the family

Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary said...

I own a Pitbull and my Pitbull owns me!

Anonymous said...

I own a Pit Bull and i love it when people stop and ask if that's a pit,I proudly say yes!and i get a chance to educate them and show them how great and wonderful they are... Specially around kids! Goofy has now changed around 15-20 people ways of thinking, or at least made them think twice :-)