Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ike the Dog finds a new home

Dog known for walking along 290 during the morning rush has a new family.

Ike, the dog known for walking along a major Chicago highway, now has a new home.

The dog, a pit bull, weaved through traffic on Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway back in April. After roaming the highway for two days, he was finally caught and volunteer Hillside veterinarians cleaned and treated him before giving him to Precious Pets Almost Home.

In a Chicago Breaking News report, Precious Pets' Steve Zorn said that he has finally found a home for Ike.

Although the new owners want to remain anonymous, Zorn said that they are a couple in their 50s who have been on the search for a new dog after their two rescue dogs died within the past year.

Zorn said that Ike is now enjoying his new home and has a cat companion named Harley, and even has a Facebook page.

Ike's adoption also paved the way for several other animals seeking new homes; six dogs and two cats were adopted after Ike was taken home.

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Pibble said...

So Ike's dash through traffic had a purpose! Good for you, Ike, but what a way to find a home! :)