Thursday, February 25, 2010

Municipalities getting involved in promoting shelter dogs

Animals languishing in shelters may get some respite if legislation passed in a socially liberal community of Los Angeles gains nationwide popularity.

In mid-February, West Hollywood—known for its “long-held… reputation as a trailblazer in animal welfare rights”—enacted legislation banning the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores to combat the proliferation of puppy mills and kitty factories. When the law is implemented in September of this year, pet shops may offer shelter pets to customers, however.

Although West Hollywood’s ban on cat and dog sales is not the first of its kind in the country—South Lake Tahoe, California, enacted a similar ban in 2009—it may have more viral impact: When this ordinance, which passed by unanimous vote, was first proposed in the City Council, inquiries came pouring in from other US and European towns who would like to follow suit.

Legislation such as this—along with current ad campaigns like the Maddie’s Fund Shelter Pet Project (, which promote adoption of shelter animals—may be very good news for the inordinate number of pit bulls and other dogs waiting to be adopted to good homes.

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Anonymous said...

I love my pit-bull, and I detest laws that discriminate against this breed. Then again, I detest most unnecessary laws, regardless of the ends. I firmly believe that people should opt for pets from shelters, not stores. YET, please; not another law. Ill-considered people will simply shop elsewhere. There's nothing liberal about such an overreaching government, commanding such minutia.