Thursday, January 21, 2010

Julia Szabo - Life on Crypton

Crypton umbrella plays key role in delightful “Draw the Dog” cartoon

Crypton umbrella plays key role in delightful “Draw the Dog” cartoon

Cartoons about dogs are a real draw for dog lovers – the proof is in The New Yorker’s archive and popular cartoon-anthology books. Now, a new Web site called Draw the Dog aims to out-New Yorker The New Yorker.


Not only does Draw the Dog offer a new canine cartoon every single day (except Sunday), but the captioned doggie drawings are animated, so they appear to draw themselves – and color themselves in – before your astonished eyes. Each K9 cartoon is inspired by a real-life dog, and all dogs get an “inspired by” credit.

Today’s inspiration, I’m honored to report, happens to be my dog Lazarus. This friendly rescued pit bull is short, stout, and brave. Only one thing puts my little guy’s tail between his legs: wet weather. When it’s raining cats and dogs, Laz doesn’t love wearing a raincoat, but he’s happy to have me follow him around with a protective umbrella. And here’s where the fabulous, generously-proportioned Crypton umbrella comes in handy: it’s big enough to shelter both of us!


From time to time, Laz, a.k.a. Lazzmtazz, is very lucky to have two very good friends making sure he feels safe and comfortably dry: Jack, 5, and Reeve, 3, my neighbor Pam’s two handsome sons. A photo taken this summer of the three boys and their Crypton umbrella wound up inspiring today’s delightful Draw the Dog cartoon. Here it is in its still form; to watch the animated version “draw itself,” go here.


Julia Szabo - Life on Crypton

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Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

I LOVE draw the dog. What fun to see where that carton originated. Had thought the dog Lazarus was a Pittie and am glad to know now he was, is and very loved - as the cartoon showed! I have the link to DTD on my dog blessed @ Silverwalk blog - I hope lots of people tune it - what a joy each morning :).