Monday, December 28, 2009

Ed Block Courage Award??

As a huge fan of Pit Bull Rescue Central and a life long American Pit Bull Terrier owner, please inform all of your followers about Mike Vick receiving the Ed Block Courage Award and implore them to begin a letter writing campaign to express how distasteful and disgusting it is that Mike Vick could receive an award for courage and be compared to athletes like Dawan Landry (who came back from being almost paralyzed to play football once again).

It is an insult to the other 31 players who won this award and it is a slap in the face to the fans and dog owners (especially pit bull owners) everywhere.

Ed Block Courage Award Board Contacts:

Article where I got the info from:,210601 Thank You, Ramon in FL


BaltimoreGal said...

Please join our efforts on Facebook &!
Stop Michael Vick from receiving the Ed Block Courage Award!

Vote NO on the Baltimore Sun Poll "Does the Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick deserve to receive an Ed Block Courage Award?",0,5628134.story

Let's unite and make our voices heard so loudly they have to listen!!!

Jessica said...

Love the blog...I've got a pit mix I rescued earlier this year - total love.