Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So why do you still go back? He is why...

So it has been three months now since the largest dog fighting bust in history happened essentially right in my back yard. More then 450 Pit Bulls have been housed by the Humane Society of Missouri for 90 days. 90 days, can you imagine having to care for 450 Pit Bulls for 90 days ?? Let me tell you, it has been no easy task.

Volunteers and staff have poured their hearts and souls into these dogs giving them what they could, making their time the best with what they have been dealt.
Hundreds of peanut butter filled kongs handed out daily, hundreds of milk bones passed out amongst the crowds and thousands of Pit Bull kisses dealt out to anyone who has time to stop and get em, always a wiggle butt to be seen. Many have a story to tell with their eyes, many just want to know the love that they have forever longed for.

This has been a trial of the heart and body. Day after day you go in and spend as much time as physically possible only to say goodbye to your favorites not knowing what tomorrow will bring, when their fate will finally be decided. Your friends, family and coworkers tell you to take a break, you need to take it easy, but they are forever on our mind. You try and do the best you can while balancing your life but they are always in your thoughts, you can see them even when you are not there, you can see their eyes.

Many tears have been shed, many promises have been made if only our favorite fourleggeds could be allowed to come home. Waiting and more waiting, just waiting to hear something that says our dogs are safe, you can take them home, you can give them the life they SO deserve. You can take them home to decompress and start to heal from everything life has thrown at them... just waiting to hear something.

Finally, something...
Sweet Baby James was released to come home. James has been a favorite from the beginning, a kind old soul that is very deserving of a couch to lay on and someone to love him til the day he dies. Well, he finally has that. James has become Junior as there will only be one James in our lives, but I think my RJ would approve.

This boy is lucky, he has two families fighting to love him, not very many dogs can say that and definitely not many Pit Bulls.

So here he is, JR in all his glory... able to live life as a loved family companion, not a gladiator on the end of a chain.

He is why I kept going, and the many others are why I will continue. Some day this will be over, many tears will be shed and many lives will be changed, but JR's will be for the better.

~ Teal


Princess said...

All I can say is thank you! Thank you for putting your time and heart in to helping these dogs. Thank you for giving them the love they deserve and thank you for being you!

Michelle said...

I miss you!
Thank you for doing what you do.
You are beautiful in so many ways.

Love n Light,
Michelle Daigle