Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Patch!

It's been one year since we rescued Patch. Lets go down memory lane: March 30 2008 someone threw a dog from the back of a pickup in front of my work place. Truck and dog went down the road.

Next day the dog was at my work, huddled in a dog house we have here for our work mascot Goldie. I tried to get the dog out but tread lightly because I saw this was a pit bull. He was covered in mange, thick scabs that were weeping on his face and body, hardly any hair!

I decided to feed him (he was very hungry) and get some mange meds till I could figure out where I could take him. The people at work did not want him around because he was a killer pit bull, looked awful and smelled bad.

I work for a wildland agency and some of the people here are unkind to animals that are sickly, they threw rocks at him etc. I was the only person he would come to, tail tucked behind his legs, head hanging down looking very pitiful. I started my search for a place for him. Because he was a pibble the shelters around here didn't want him.

I contacted a group in Portland and got some info. in the back of my mind I thought of bringing him home wondering how the other dogs would like him.

April 1 2008, I greeted Patch in the morning, fed him, gave him his meds and went home for lunch. On my return he came over to my truck with the saddest look on his face. He had some goup in the middle of his forehead. I took a kleenex and got it off, smelled it and it was french fry sauce!

Some ass threw it at him (another person witnessed this ) His eyes were pleading almost like he was saying please take me with you!

I called my hubby and said come take a look at this dog and see what you think. The next thing I knew my hubby came down to work and put Patch in the back of the truck. He said lets give him a home, I will go home and bathe him. I thought this ought to be good.

When I got home from work there he was, all clean and very very pink, remember he had hardly any hair! The next day he was at the vets for shots, neuter appointment and more meds. He had lots of scars on his back legs and a hole in his left back leg.

We put bag balm on his scabs to help them not get so crusty, he took mange meds for 6 weeks, antibiotics, the works. He ran to a crate we had and seemed to be comfortable there. After about a week he started to come out of his shell, and into the house he goes.

He got the hang of not peeing in the house very quickly and enjoyed sleeping on our bed. He gets along with all the dogs, in particular Bella his BFF. He has come a long way.

He is learning to play with toys, is learning basic commands and has become very attached to me and my hubby. I should have named him shawdow! I have never regretted taking him home, he has proved to be a loving friend, he makes us laugh with his antics and boy does he work those little sad eyes.

April 1 2009, it seemed just like yesterday when I took in a little pibble no body wanted. Today his coat his silky and shiny, black and white. He prances when he walks, he talks to us and gives us pibble licks. He has a big heart with lots of love in it. The day he was thrown away like a piece of trash was out lucky day, Patch's too!

He was about 9 month old when we got him so I am guessing his birthday to be sometime in July. We decided to give him July 4th for his birthday. Sorry this was so long.

Suzi and Patch ( l love my forever home )


Chester Mom said...

What a great story!

Leila said...

When you are open to the gifts of the Universe, the Universe will always, always give you exactly what you need. Thank you for being open to Patches.

Suzi and Patch said...

Thank you Leila, I have always believed this as well. One thing I have observed that thru out my like animals in need (icluding dogs, cats, snakes and horses) have found me in thier time of need. My heart and home has always been open to help them. Patch is a perfect example. He is my first Pittie, but no the last. I was scared to death of these dogs, because of all the crap in the media. After joining PBRC and reading I have found just the opposite. Very loving wonderful and funny friends, even after their previous owners have abused and tortured them. A most enduring breed. Patch is my little angel and yes he is very spoiled!