Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kane Sings Old Dang Sign!

Hey Y'all!

I hope y'all are doin' well. I had to pop up and tell yous about sumthin' pretty nifty that Ms. Lynn just told me about.

She tells me that today is the last day of the old year and tomorrow starts a brand new one. Now, that didn't seem like nuthin' special really until she taught me dis song I gets to sing.

Sees, I guess there is some kind of traydition that says I gets to sing dis here song and forgets all those folks that done me wrong and ended me up in Doggie Jail! Who ever it was that chained me to that tree that left those callouses on my neck, whoever it was that didn't give me that penny candy that would have kept dem dere worms out of my heart and even the fella that loaded me up with buckshot - they all gets forgotten tonight and I gets to start fresh tomorrow.

So to all the doggies here and throughout the world that found demselves in dire straits but now found 'em a new friend or two or even a Yankee to look after them, please grabs up your banjo or your saw or just yer purty singin voice and join in:

May Old Bad Conscience Be Fergot
And Never Come to Mind
May Old Bad Conscience Be Fergot
And Chew Da Old Dang Sign!

Good bye and good riddance all you bad people - I's home now!

Kane Agape

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E.M. said...

OK, I'm sitting here crying as I try to teach my rescued Pibble Sienna Smile-A-Bull CGC this song. Thank you Kane, for sharing it.