Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Below is a blog written by Brent Toellner for his KC Dog Blog. We like it so much, we thought it deserved a little more cyber presence.


Dogsbite.org - -when a quest for vengeance becomes dangerous

September 15, 2008

Even though they've been out there for awhile, I've largely let dogsbite.org do their own thing. However, at this point, their rallying of misinformation and misleading information is becoming even more biased, misleading, and dangerous, so I want to respond.

Yesterday, Dogsbite.org created a post entitled 'pit bull bans work". They cited four different cities where BSL "worked". The post below that also mentions a fifth city. And I want to respond.

First of all, I want to define what I would call a law that "works". "Working" is improving public safety. "Working" acknowledges that in almost no cities do one breed of dog account for even a majority of the attacks in a city. There are many different types of dogs that can, do and have "attacked". So "working" improves public safety by lowering the total number of dog bites in a community.

Dogsbite.org only wants to track 'pit bull' bites in determining success. But let's face it, if you eliminate the majority of one type of dog from a community, you can eliminate the majority of bites by that type of dog. Duh. However, bites have never been about the breed of dog involved. It's always been about the owners of the dogs and their perpetually negligent treatment of the animal. Take away one type of dog, and they will be negligent with the next. Until you deal with THE OWNER problem, you will never solve the dog bite/attack problem. So of course in these cities that passed BSL, "pit bull" bites went down. However, let's look at whether or not public safety was really improved. (Click here to continue...)


Go Brent!

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