Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Best Speech I Never Gave!

Recently, I had to go to my dentist to get fitted for a crown. After I got settled, the doctor gave me my numbing shot and then left the office so I could get loopy. His assistant and I immediately started talking about my favorite topic – pit bulls.

Several minutes later, the doc returns and begins to work on my tooth. Just as he puts his tools in my mouth, he asks, "What were you gals in here chatting about?" The assistant replies, "Pit bulls". His response was, "Awww, you can throw them all away as far as I'm concerned."

I get a look of horror on my face and the assistant immediately begins to explains my love of pit bulls and how I work with a group that provides educational services as well as rescue assistance. He looks me in the eye and says, "You like pit bulls?" Since his tools were still in my mouth, I replied "AWWWWUVVVWITWULLS"!

What ensue after was an exchange between the dentist and assistant that consisted of each tossing out various myths and stories about pit bulls. Each would say something they had heard and then the other would correct them citing an article or TV show they'd seen. I was trying desperately to get a word in, but hey – that guy had a drill!

Needless to say, over the next half hour, the two of them came to the agreement that pit bulls weren't so bad after all and that much of what they'd heard was erroneous. As they finished up and the assistant was removing the gauze from my mouth, my dentist says, "Thank you so much for all the great information, we really learned a lot today."

I just smiled with my numb mouth and said, "Yaw Walcom"

~ Lynn, aka The Bat Whisperer

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